Interactice Voting System

Interactive Voting System

With our interactive voting system we offer you a cost.efficient all-in-one
The software - Plugin for PowerPoint® - features a lot of scoring functions,
the administration of names, demographic filter functions and so on.
These functions make the editing of the queries much easier.

The ranking moment by  moment, the possibility to configurate the basis stations free,
allows a highly flexibility.

Our voting system can be used for:

  • conferences
  • share-holders‘ meetings
  • elections
  • general meetings
  • working groups at large congresses
  • market research
  • quiz shows

some technical details:

  • radio technology: 2,4 GHz
  • range: appr.  100x100 Meter.
  • time of counting out: 12 till ca. 17 seconds (using 400 keypads)
  • 10 button to select, 4 service button
  • LCD Display to show the acknowledgement
  • ranking is supported