Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous interpreting equipment
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The success of an international conference is the communication.

So it is necessary that all participants have the possibility to join the speeches, to take part in  the discussion and to understand clearly the language.

My ECG Rental is specialist  to equipe each kind of congress or conference - where ever it will take place or how many attendees.

In our rental park we rely on the professional equipment of Bosch DCN.

Optimized structure and efficiency in meetings

The DCN Next Generation has already earned global recognition, offering advanced, proven features that help make meetings a real success in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Breaking through language barriers

With up to 31 interpretation channels plus floor, the DCN Next Generation easily handles the most demanding requirements of the international conference world. Delegates can select the floor language or any of the 31 interpretation channels using the built-in channel selector in the delegate units. For wireless convenience, Integrus pocket receivers can be used to listen to the interpretation channels.


  • Optimized structure and efficiency in meetings
  • Proven in-the-field reliability
  • State-of-the-art, award-winning design
  • Very high speech intelligibility
  • 31 interpretation channels, plus floor

Interpreter booths
We are only using the Audipack interpreter booth Audiopack Silent 9300.
The Audipack Silent 9300 is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth for 2 persons, but can be extended for up to 4 persons, using the optional extension sets. 1 or 2 persons can easily build the booth with the included hex key. The Silent 9300 ISO 4043/2016 complies with the norm for mobile interpreter booths and is equipped with table and 2 cable ducts. Its standard colour is grey.